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Highwood Norwich Terrier Kennel: Kennel Update

Kennel Update


In 2011 I sold a Norwich puppy to Janos and Nancy Fonyo. They wanted a show puppy and this young dog seemed to be playing the part. At about 18 mos. they put “Robi”, Highwood’s Whirling Dun, out with Andrew Green and he finished very quickly. He attained his Grand Championship within a month. He seemed to love to show. The Fonyo’s are from Hungary. We talked to Andrew when Budapest was the selected site for The World Show. Rink and I decided to go along with our friend, Patty Warrender. What better way to see Vienna and Budapest than by going with a native? I had always wanted to see the Lipizzaner’s and visit those two countries. What a great opportunity for us.

There was great anticipation while we selected our airfares and hotels for the trip. Nancy and Jani arranged for Andrew and Amy to stay in the hotel next to the Show center. They seemed very happy with the prospect of showing and took along their top winning Samoyed.

The Fonyo’s have many relatives in Budapest and know the town and the restaurants. They made our stay so pleasant. The food was very good. We honestly never had a bad bite.

The most exciting part of this story is that "Robi" was The World Winner Norwich going BOB over 55 dogs. About 18 of the Fonyo family were there to see the win. What fun it was to be there as well. I have added Robi to the web site. He is a beautiful dog. He is loved by the Fonyo’s and is being campaigned lightly here in the states. He is currently the # 2 Norwich Terrier in the US. He has been bred and has puppies on the ground.


Robi won BOB at the NTCA National Specialty at Montgomery County KC this October. It was an exciting day for all of us.

We plan to breed this fall to both Robi and Dacey. We also have a new German Long tailed male named Liam. Heinz sent him to me for breeding. I am anxious to see what he will produce. We cannot show him because of his tail but he does have a great personality and stems from both Ratty and Shooter.

New Hampshire has been a wonderful solution to retirement. The days aren’t too hot and the nights are cool. We have lots of space for running and playing in the summer. There are four large kennels for the winter that are attached to the house and afford the dogs a covered, protected space outside.

Jensen, Bully and Killer make up the older dogs. They each have their little habits and ways. Killer is 17 years old and still has quality of life. He sees and hears, is continent and can climb stairs. He is on a special diet to deal with occasional pancreatitis flair-ups. He has very few teeth left and has cataracts but still loves everyone and barks at each car that arrives at the house.


Bully and Jensen are a year apart and still continue to face off occasionally. They are getting too old to really get into it but they walk stiff legged around each other still looking good. They are just aging and turning into little old men with their own habits and funny ways. Stiff joints and loss of teeth seem to be the main issues.

I have placed all of my older girls. After 2-3 litters I have found homes for them, usually family or good friends.

Jenny (Robi's mother) will always stay with us. She was our first Jensen daughter and is now 9 years old. She is my husband’s dog. He put a 5-point major on her.

We have 3 other finished girls that are still being bred. Beebe, Pooka and Ready.

We are looking forward to finishing a puppy acquired from Les Canavan last March. Highwood’s Lady Renegade. She is filled with mischief, love and joy. It will be fun to get back in the ring again with her.

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