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Welcome to Highwood Norwich Kennel

This website has been created as a tool to educate and to foster interest in the Norwich/Norfolk terrier breeds. My personal history with these delightful animals goes back well before the breeds split in 1979. We had both drop- and prick-eared Norwich at my mother’s residence, Blossom Hill. As I went forward, I concentrated on the prick-eared type that retained the Norwich designation.

The website seeks to provide you a detailed insight into Highwood Norwich, starting with its founding history. The site then concentrates on the kennel’s breeding program and traces the accomplishments of Highwood progeny through the years. Sprinkled among the awards, progeny reports, and pedigrees are anecdotes about some of the dogs. But, most importantly, I have addressed topics that are important to the Norwich terrier. You will find articles on epilepsy, on care of the geriatric dog, on whelping a litter naturally, on caring for a premature litter, on grooming -- both of pets and for the show ring -- and, critically, on placing your puppies.

I have recently updated the website and will continue to introduce new photos and to add articles that address relevant issues within the breed. I am creating a blog to stay current and provide information to my friends both here and abroad.

Welcome to Highwood Norwich. If you have any comments about the site to make it more user friendly or should you wish to see other topics addressed, please contact me by e-mail or through Highwood's blog.

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